Host Pros: Server, Bartender, Chef - Since 1991

Host Pros provides servers, bartenders, chefs in Los Angeles.

Private Home Servers - Our in-Home Servers arrive early help set up for your party including creating cheese/fruit displays, transferring and redecorating delivery food, finishing your cooking, heating up appetizers, plating the food for guests, and much more! Host Pros understands that you are a unique individual with your own personal style. We follow your specific instructions and do things exactly as you wish while also bringing in our professional service skills. After the party, we provide a thorough clean-up leaving your home in it's original pre-party condition.

Bartenders - We provide full-service bartenders who do a complete set up of the bar and bar area including glassware display, cooling of beverages, wine, and/or liquor set-up, and everything else necessary to prepare the full bar before your first guests arrive. We bring a full bar kit including bucket, ice scoop, wine key, martini shaker, strainers, and bar towels. After your party is over, we provide a thorough clean up leaving your home and facility in its original pre-party condition.

Kitchen Assistants - Host Pros will help you and/or your caterer chop, slice, dice, fold, stir, mix, infuse, blend, beat, steam, bake, broil, grill, saute, whatever kind of food you desire to the taste of your liking. We also clean up.

Large Event Servers - We provide servers for large corporate events such as grand openings, award and entertainment parties, musical events, and more. If you have a hired caterer, our Captains review the appetizers and ingredients with the caterer so that servers properly represent the chef, cuisine, and ultimately the host of the party. Our servers always tray-pass appetizers with a friendly smile and in a professional manner with good posture. We arrive on time, in a pressed White Bistro or Black Bistro uniform. Host Pros are known for being hard workers with unique and enjoyable personalities. See what our current clients say about us in the "What People Say" section of this website.