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"We couldn't have asked for a nicer team to work with. Every one of your servers is kind, helpful, and cute!!!" - Valeri, Los Angeles

"You were absolutely fantastic, making everyone feel at ease and creating real grace. You bring hospitality to a master artist level." - Vanna, Tarzana

"Once again, thank you for surpassing our expectations with your wonderful staff and extremely professional service." - Tait, Los Angeles

"Thank you so much for sending an outstanding helper for our event. I was impressed. Also, the host was very pleased." - Janet, Los Angeles

"All went very well. As always it is a pleasure to have your people here to help. Thanks!" - Carol., Los Angeles

"Hi Bill! Thank you for sending Don and Ethan. They were fantastic! I couldn't have done it without them." - Etsuko, Cheviot Hills

"Hi, Bill. I had the opportunity of meeting and working with Jules and Vienna (I'm sorry-I hope I have their names correctly spelled) yesterday and I wanted to give you a personal feedback. Not only where they extremely helpful but they were absolutely delightful to work with. It is obvious that without their 'take charge' attitude our happy celebration would not have been so happy! Their assistance in decorating and serving allowed us to enjoy the celebration - and that is very rare for us!" - Lu, Century City

"Hello Bill, I just wanted to check in and say THANK YOU for the excellent service we received on the 4th of July. Absolutely amazing- everyone was impressed - thank you!!" - Alden, San Pedro

"Nicholas was great and I was very satisfied. We will definitely keep you in mind again for any future events and refer your company to our friends. Thank you for the great service!" - Vicki, Eagle Rock

"Bill, I just wanted to let you know we were very impressed with Don and Jennifer. They were both very professional and friendly and fit perfectly with what were looking for in a delivering a high end cocktail party. My wife was also very pleased with the service. We will absolutely think of Host Pros the next time we have an event, Thanks again." - John,
Los Angeles

"Thanks so much for doing such a stellar job at our wedding last weekend - everyone commented on what a friendly and efficient staff we had helping us. Thank you." - Vanessa, West Los Angeles

"Todd was great...very helpful during and after the party. Thanks." - Andrew,
Sherman Oaks

"Hi Bill - thanks --the staff did a great job!" - Staffing Coordinator, Someone's in the Kitchen Catering

"Hi! All went great last night!! Marisa was awesome. Thanks." - Maria, Encino

"Hi Bill, Everthing was perfect! Nice guys and very professional. It was a great evening. Thanks!" - Debra, Studio City

"The party was very successful! Craig and the staff were great!!!" - Isay, N. Hollywood

"Lorrain was terrific. Very professional and capable. I will not hesitate to use your services in the future and I will likely request Lorain if she is available." - Richard, Beverly Hills

"Your guy was great! Thank you so much and as usual we were sooo happy! I am sure he had some stories! It was a great party." - Juliet, Santa Monica

"John was great-it all went well!!! We will use you again in the future... John was non-stop the entire night..." - Collin, Manhattan Beach

"Bill, Carmine was the most excellent server I've ever had. He was great with food, drinks and the food was actually piping hot after he heated it up, (instead of lukewarm like most servers do!) and he was really fast and accurate with clean up. Thanks for sending him at the drop of a hat. Adam wants us to keep him on file for future dinner and viewing parties." - Sunja, Hollywood Hills

"Bill, Your guys were amazing last night. They both knew exactly what they were doing and were extremely professional. I will call you EVERY time we have a party. They allowed us to enjoy ourselves and we appreciated that greatly." - Ed, Los Angeles

"Hi Bill, Carmine was great and very professional. EXACTLY what we were looking for. We will definitely be calling you for future events. Thanks so much for your help." - Lyndsey, Larchmont Village

"Bill, Thank you so much. Victoria was wonderful and a pleasure to have. I am sure I will be calling you again in he future, Thanks." - Denise, Pacific Palisades

"Bill, Everything went great and Kathleen was wonderful. It was a pleasure to have some assistance so I could enjoy my own party." - Kim, Burbank

"Hi Bill, Matt and Doug were EXCELLENT. I cant stress how helpful both of them where and my guests and my mom were very very happy. Thank you thank you thank you. For any event I have I will definitely use them again." - Javonne, Los Angeles

"They were GREAT! It was Jules, Doug and Nick. Everything was lovely, thankyou so much!!!! I will definitely use you guys again. Jules REALLY took care of so much. They were all great. Thanks." - Tony, Studio City

"Hi Bill, Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job your staff did last night. I got so many compliments from everyone involved and even our CEO. They were absolutely Amazing and we cannot wait to work with you again. You made the event run so smoothly. A million thanks." - Megan, Burbank

"Thanks so much, Bill. The staff on Saturday was really great Excellent workers and so gracious to the guests. They made it easy for me!" - Michal, Los Angeles

"Hi Bill, Just to say thank you for sending over the most wonderful servers on Friday evening, who helped make our party such a success. I was having a terrible time because my dinnerware delivery was so late and they were an oasis of calm and capability for me. They didn't stop all night-I think the party ended up with 70 attendees and they were all kept happy all night because of them. I think next time I should have three people and I'm sorry for them if they felt the bite of that on Friday-but they never showed it, they were a truly graceful pair. I will definitely recommend your service in the future and be calling on you for the next party in early spring." - Pele, Venice Beach

"Hi Bill, He was great! He was on top of everything asked of him (and ahead of us most of the evening!) Thank you so much for providing such a great service." - Sarah, Fullerton

"Bill: Matt was everything we could have wished for. He arrived exactly on time, was well-dressed, well-groomed and polite. He listened attentively, and was responsive to all requests. When he made a suggestion based on his experience it solved multiple issues. My wife was very happy with his total command of our kitchen. This occurred within minutes of his familiarizing himself with our layout. I could see her let go of any lingering concerns she might have had regarding the comfort and ease of our guests. Serving and clearing was done throughout the meal unobtrusively and smartly. His cleanup was completed at eleven pm having washed and dryed all the dishes, prep pans, serving platters and silverware. He left the kitchen spotless, in fact, cleaner than when he arrived. So, thank you, Bill, for providing a professional and courteous gentleman to our evening's proceedings." - Michael, Malibu

"Hi Bill - Kymberly was once again fanstastic! We love her - she did an amazing job. Thanks so much for all of your help, my Thanksgiving was so stress-free!" -Risa, Santa Monica